Discover how Genpro is gaining efficiency among stakeholders and improved network visibility.

Genpro's prior TMS was not supporting and meeting the vision and plan for future growth of this leading 3PL. To extend visibility and functionality for customers and carriers, the company needed a more accessible, scalable TMS with integrations to connect partners to critical planning and shipping information. Learn how Turvo was able to deliver on ease-of-use, process flow efficiency, tracking, and integration capabilities. 

Turvo TMS Delivers ROI:

  • Achieved 100% shipment transaction processing, from order entry to financial closeout within a few months of launch.
  • Strengthened sales strategies.
  • Streamlined carrier communication, sourcing, assignment, and payment.
  • Simplified onboarding of new customers and staff.
  • And so much more

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“We’re able to say ‘yes’ to growth in a way that we never could before. Turvo’s streamlined workflows and collaboration functionality support rapid volume growth and expansion of service offerings, while also controlling operational costs.”

Robert Goldstein, CEO